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Microsoft Office 2019 Pro Plus Professional Key Lifetime License

$26.99 $16.99
microsoft workplace 2019 professional plus

- office 2019 expert plus 32/64 bit application for five computer (app: phrase, excel, powerpoint, onenote, outlook, writer)

- license without expiration, without set up limits, even after having a formatted operating device you may reinstall.

- fast shipping in virtual format through email and facts on how to download the bundle.

no physical dispatch, dvds, cds, and many others ...

office will now not be activated through serial code (product key)


q: what do i receive after the purchase?

a: you may acquire an e-mail with special instructions on the way to set off office 2019 professional plus. you'll no longer acquire any packaging, dvds, cds, and many others.

q: which software can i use after activation 365 or 2019?

a: once activated, the workplace can use both programs. workplace 2019 online thru the browser or you can honestly download and deploy the today's version of office presently to be had.

q: whilst does the subscription expire?

a: the subscription does no longer expire and might be updated frequently to subsequent variations.

q: am i able to link my current microsoft account?

a: you may connect and use workplace along with your old account but the two money owed can not be synchronized or related to every other, one might be non-public and the other business.

q: can i sell or purchase a digital license?

a: software program today can be offered and sold. the court of justice of the eu union has mounted that the proprietor of a license to use may also legitimately cede his right to a 3rd celebration. judgment of the case c-128/eleven of july 3, 2012.

q: which running machine does it help?

a: the license helps windows x86 (32 bit) and x64 (64 bit) 7, 10 or later

q: i have a previous version of workplace already set up on my tool, what should i do?

a. we advocate uninstalling it earlier than installing the contemporary model with the new account.
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